Testimonial #2

I’d say ‘working’ with the folks at MAI is great, but I don’t really do any work. They pretty much handle everything I do in terms of insurance from A-Z. That’s one of the things I like about them the most: I know I don’t have to worry about it.

Testimonial #3

Our line of work gets you into some pretty complex situations as far as insurance is concerned. Over the years, Forester and his associates have managed to keep us moving forward, regardless of the project.

Testimonial #6

My business is a part of my family. I wouldn’t let just anyone handle our insurance. Forester and his team understand the importance of family and business needs because they are a family working in a business. They get it.

Testimonial #8

I remember the first time coming into the MAI office. I was welcomed with a smile and left with a bigger one. I felt and still feel like I’m visiting close friends if I ever need to stop by.

Testimonial #9

What I like about MAI is that they are on top of it. They’ve been able to predict issues that have popped up in my business and handled my concerns with ease and accountability.