“In 2012, I started my company. I did what every small business owners does, I got insured. In 2014, I moved to GA. In 2016, I was awarded a contract and it forced me to check into my insurance. I discovered my original insurance company did not do their homework.” 

“In my quest to be properly insured, I called two companies for proposals. I was providing both companies with the same information sometimes minutes apart. While I had pleasant conversations with both agents, Jane began to set herself apart. She was doing her homework, and I could tell. Both insurance proposals came in about 24 hours apart. Jane not only did her homework – she found me grade A companies at a rate far less than her competitor. As a small business owner, I cannot tell you how pleased I was with MAI, and talking with Jane …. well it felt like I was doing business with a friend.”

Jason Evans Business Owner, Provision Protective Services, LLC, Evans, GA